Moving Day!

Mission of the day: Checking out of our room for 11:00am and then a wait for 2pm to check into an efficiency apartment. We drove down to Aviano Center to the market. I noticed that some of the vendors were the same as the Market in Maniago. Still there was plenty to see. At lunch time, it was a return to the Menza (Italian Military Mess hall). We drove around a little in Aviano, stopped at the car rental company and because of a warning light on the dash, we were given a Peugeot sedan, a newer model year…we were happy! It seemed that we were waiting for that 2pm change of room and we were. We are now in a building across the street. It is actually closer to the Base Exchange and Commissary. We are adjusting to share the family style efficiency apartment. The apartment has a large full kitchen, living room, two separate bedrooms, washer dryer and the shared bathroom.

The rest of the afternoon was spent resting. It was sort of a good thing. We were on the move for a full week and it was time to recharge. This evening it was dinner at a new, for us, restaurant called “La Locanda” Helen is always trying something different and she had baby clams and pasta. Sam and I wanted to eat a little lighter and just ordered a Margarita, tomato, mozzarella cheese and garlic pizza! Joan, well she had something Italian that I can never remember, but she said it was delicious.

We are now back in the apartment watching American TV and writing my blog for the day. I am thinking that I will be posting also to I believe they “Wordpress” have a better app for inserting more photos! If this proves to be true, I will post both in and Stay tuned for updates.

That is what we saw and did!