North Bound ~ Day 1

The day finally came when it was time to leave Key West. It was a wonderful winter weather wise, but the best memories are of meeting old friends and making new ones.

In October 2016 we were driving into KW, on a bright sunny day at least until we were a couple of miles from the city limits. Over Key West a gray cloud appeared and off into a distance one could see a rain shower. This produced a double rainbow welcoming us to paradise. Six months or so later, on our departure, Key West was sad to see us leave. It hadn’t rained but a couple of times all winter, but this morning was a soaker. Fifthty miles up the road the rain vanished and the sunshine gleamed onto the aqua waters of the Gulf and the Atlantic.

Our plan first was a 215 mile journey to the southern tip of Lake Okeechobee at South Bay RV campground. This is a county park and one of the best we ever stayed at. Full hookups, clean restrooms, very good WiFi and a 150 mile bike trail around the lake!

That is what we saw and did!


2 thoughts on “North Bound ~ Day 1

  1. David Holloway

    Lucien, you are an inspiration! I look forward to some nice photos from your Summer journeys. Kandy and I are currently on our farm in Tennessee. I’ve been pruning fruit trees and cleaning up winter debris from the lawn.


  2. cteachr

    Hey, it rained on our wedding day in Key West. We considered that good luck. Happy trails home. Don’t forget to stop in to Savannah.


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