North Bound ~ Day 2

Mary & Helen.jpg

Helen & Mary at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

North Bound ~ Day 2

A very short drive from South Bay, about 53 miles, to our next stop for the next three days. A campground called Phipps County Park. This park is located at the locks on the Port St Lucie River. Boats can travel from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico, cutting across Okeechobee Waterway, bisecting the State. 

As a side note: When plugging in the campground address into my RV ~ GPS, I noticed two different addresses. Well, there are two campgrounds nearly side by side, County Park “Phipps” and the Federal Army Corp of Engineers “St Lucie South Campground”! St. Lucie is the better park, but also full. Hence, we are at the County Park! 

We set up camp and took a nap before calling Mary, a Key West neighbor, who is working as a camp host at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. She was off this afternoon and we were able to link up with her for a tour of the State Park. 11,000 plus acres is a big, big park. Some of the campground sites are five miles apart! Some of the amenities include: horseback riding, many trails, a mountain bike trail that is 30 miles long, boat rentals and pontoon boat tours. Very impressive State Park! We finished the afternoon by going out to eat for dinner. Thank You Mary for the guided tour!

Phipps County Park is ok, but would be much better if WiFi was available. The fiber optic cable has been installed and it’s just a matter of days before this becomes operational. Until then, I’m forced to blog in a draft mode.

That is what we saw and did!