North Bound ~ Day 3

North Bound ~Day 3

Last night, at the Phipps County Park gate, I had a senior moment! The gate is locked at 7:30pm. The office gave me the proper code, but in my senior mind, I transposed the last two numbers. No other traffic coming or going, I couldn’t walk around the gate because of a water filled drainage ditch. I blew the horn a couple of times to no avail. Finally, in a distance, headlights came to the gate. It seems, I input 60 instead of 06! All this made me think, that turning 72 years old a couple of days ago was a sure sign of dementia! 

Today, we are off for a tour of the “National Navy SEAL Museum” (SEa, Air, Land) at Ft Pierce. My GPS said about a 51 min drive from our camp site. Arrived a half hour after opening time. I had checked the ground area from Google Earth and drove right in like I had been there several times.

The museum is very well equipped with genuine equipment used by the SEAL Teams. I got loads of pictures! I set my ISO up and down to shoot without using a flash. It worked perfectly! I reassigned my auto focus to a back button style that I activate with my thumb. I learned this trick on line. I just point and shoot for a perfectly focused photo in a dark, poorly lit scene. This tactic works wonders when you wear progressive glasses, no guessing if you’re in focus or not! I was happy with our visit to the Navy SEAL Museum.

Returning to the ranch, I decided to drive A1A highway along the Inter-coastal waterway. Hardly no traffic with views of the beaches and sunbathers. A quick lunch at Wendy’s and home by mid-afternoon.

We had one more thing on our stay in the Stuart area. I have a cousin who lives here. My, back-home, cousin Lucille had given us her sister’s address and phone number. A quick call and a check on the location on our GPS found cousin Mary Jane just 4 miles from the campground! She was up for company and 10 minutes later we were at her “mansion”! Her husband Bob had passed a few years ago, but his legacy certainly lives on in the house he and Mary Jane designed and built. Bob was also a scale model ship builder. His models are four to five feet long and are of museum quality. A local museum wants his models and Mary Jane is in the process of donating them. Bob was a banker by trade, but his German engineering mind was evident throughout the home.

We sat with Mary Jane, in the lanai, and talked about our hometown of Berlin, NH and the many relatives. Her mother had 17 kids, but only 13 lived. She was extremely happy that we made contact with her. My favorite line is: “We are in a canoe going down the river without paddles, lets see where it brings us”! We were very happy to meet Mary Jane.

That is what we saw and did!  

Medal of Honor.jpg

“Medal of Honor”



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  1. cteachr

    I noticed the current gear soldiers have nowadays. Don’t they look so futuristic? Like something we saw in science fiction comics or movies years back.


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