North Bound ~ Day 5

North Bound ~ Day 5

Patrick Air Force Base ~ April 17, 2017

A short jaunt from Stuart, Florida to Patrick AFB

Patrick has changed considerably since our last visit a few years ago. I’m not taking about the campground its self. I’am talking about the base entry gates. Coming in from US 404 my first mistake was exiting at the sign that says, “Exit for Patrick AFB”. That’s ok if you’re driving a car but not an RV. The serpentine barriers going in are very close together. Fortunately the gate guard gave me a stop hand signal before I got so close that I’d have to backup in traffic. He told me to make a you turn, go to the second light, take a left, go to the end, take another left and enter the base at the commercial truck entrance gate!

What I should have done was continue on US 404, over the bridge, to the tee and taken a left! A quarter mile or so down the road watched for the commercial truck gate! Got that you RVers! If someone is driving your car following you, they can’t enter at that gate! They must use the gate below the bridge or continue to the East gate which was originally the main gate. Wow, this is getting confusing! Security has changed, tighter than ever!

The Campground

Big improvement since our last visit. The camp host said they have about 150 sites. We were able to get in easily as 50% of the sites were available, snowbirds have migrated north! WiFi is available in the clubhouse, but my site nearby had no problem getting Dlink at full strength. The clubhouse is super, the laundry room, restrooms and showers are top of the line.

If I had to complain about anything it would be the distance to travel to get to anywhere. We were only there one day and I put on 46 miles. I guest, I am just a  spoiled RV’er from walking distance in

Sunset at Patrick AFB.jpg

Fam Camp Sunset at Patrick AFB

Patrick AFB Site 93.jpg

Site 93 at Patrick AFB

Cocoa Beach.jpg

Cocoa Beach ~ Not bad for a weekday!

Mighty Atlantic ~ Cocoa Beach.jpg

Mighty Atlantic at Cocoa Beach, FL

Key West. I would give Patrick Fam Camp a 4.5 rating. It would be a 5 if Wifi would be available campsite wide!

That is what we did and saw


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