North Bound ~ Day 6

North Bound  ~ Day 6

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

“A little late in publishing”

The Move!

On this bright sunny morning, we departed Cocoa Beach and Patrick AFB for a fairly short journey into Georgia at our next military campground. Kings Bay, Naval Submarine Base. No advance reservations. I pulled into the sub base around 3 pm and the camp host was just coming on duty. We got a site and setup, as I extended my 5th wheel front jacks I lost power to the hydraulic pump. I couldn’t find a fuse inside or out. I took my tester and discovered that I had power at the battery side but none at the double pole double through operating switch. Wow, I was a little confused? The short wire was only two feet long but encased in one of those plastic wire looms. I started to trace back to the switch only to discover an inline fuse, very narrowly designed in the loam. It was one of those “glass tube 30amp fuses”. My next door neighbor directed me to the town of St Mary’s and two auto parts stores. Mission accomplished!

Kings Bay, GA.jpg

Relaxing at Kings Bay, GA ~ Notice the book “13 Hours in Benghazi” A good read!

The town of St Mary, GA

We previously scouted this southern, charming, coastal town. It was sunny with no mosquitoes present. We weren’t even out of the truck when we spotted something very unusual in the river or should I say above the river. It was one of those jet skis with the exhaust piped to two 80 foot long rubber tubes. The guy was flying around doing summersaults and every other kind of gyrations. We curiously walked towards the pier to watch and talk to his buddies. We had seen this on TV before, but never live! His buddies said that he was practicing for a National Competition some place in Florida. They said this equipment cost in the vicinity of $17,000.00. I took several pictures as this young adult from Albert, Canada did his stuff.

The town Park and Flowers

This beautiful park on the Cumberland River was just a perfect place to rest, enjoy the late afternoon, the river, flowers and people in the park looking for a handpainted rock about 10″ in diameter. This reminded us of our KW friend Paula who hides similarly painted rock. This is a little like Geocaching that we do except no grid coordinates are given. They hadn’t found it as we walked across the street to Bessie’s Restaurant for dinner. It was an enjoyable evening in St Mary!

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

The ride back to the base was uneventful. I knew that the gate we came on would be closed for the night. We would have drive 3/4 mile to the main gate. No problems here, except I, had a difficult time getting back to the campground. I drove down this road on base to another gate on base. The guard said you are not authorized to enter while “An ammo transfer is being made” She directed me to the campground and in no time I got my bearings. Do you know that my GPS doesn’t work on this base! Another odd thing that happens on this base periodically is a recorded message that comes over a distant loudspeaker that this is a restricted area “No trespassing”! The campground doesn’t have WiFi but does have cable TV. The clubhouse and shower rooms are first class!

That is what we did and saw!

Ski Jet-4.jpg

Unbelievable what stunts can be done!

Ski Jet-3.jpg

Up, up and away!

Ski Jet-2.jpg

I asked how he prevnted crashing into his Jet Ski? He said he flys in a circle around the craft!

Ski Jet -1.jpg

The first view as we arrived at the water front!

St Mary, GA ~ Water Front Park.jpg

St Marys Water Front Park

Bird Bath ~ St Mary, GA.jpg

A real birdbath!

St Mary, GA Rocks!.jpg

One last interesting project in the park!

Live Oak -St Mary, GA.jpg

I had to include a photo of the “Live Oaks”  on many side streets of St Marys, GA