North Bound ~ Day 7


April 19, 2017, ~ Ft. McAllister State Park, Savannah, GA

“A little late in publishing”

Fort McAllister

Another short travel day from Kings Bay to Savannah! We had stayed Ft Stewart, next to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, but I was never impressed with the small campground, the registration office 3 miles down the road. I was thinking of Skidaway Island State Park a few miles from Hunter, but in the end, we stayed at old Ft McAllister.

Last year we camped here and liked the atmosphere. The big change, this year, was hurricane Mathew that blew down some 1,000 big trees in the park. Although not barren by any means the hurricane did open up a lot of acreages.

Helen ~ Savannah, GA.jpg

Just a short walk in the park!

I located a good site, #10 and setup. Our goal was to go into Savannah and walk the 22 garden squares in the old downtown. We accomplished 20 of them. It was hot, but resting in the squares and taking the big beautiful live oak trees was something else. Some of these trees had a canopy of over a 100 feet across. I had planned on taking many pictures, which I did, but the camera can’t do the garden squares justice. It is a very old historic city with a multitude of old brick buildings that have been kept up through the years!

Down on the lower level waterfront is the Savannah River, this reminds me a lot of the old port Quebec City, Canada. I am referring to the cobbled street, the really old stone buildings which now are shops and restaurants. A huge paddle boat sits on the dock waiting for passengers for a tour of the delta. The afternoon was winding down and a dinner downtown was in store before heading back to the campground.

That is what we saw and did!

River Boat ~ Savannah, GA.jpg

The Georgia Queen ~ Paddle Boat on the Savannah River


Family strolling  ~ Savannah, GA.jpg

Family strolling down one of the 22 town square parks

Savannah Square Flowers.jpg

Savannah Square Flowers

Segway ~ Savannah, Ga.jpg

“The Segway Tour!”

Live Oak Walkway Honor Guards.jpg

“Live Oak Walkway Honor Guards!”

Fountain in the Square.jpg

Fountain in the Square!

Fetch Savannah, GA.jpg

Fetch! Every Square had people enjoying the downtown!


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  1. cteachr

    Yes, I was reminded of some of the older cities in North America like Quebec City. Lovely city, Savannah.


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