North Bound ~ Day 8

April 20, April 21, April 22, 2017

From the charming “Southern Bell” town of Savannah, Ga our journey took us to the north and west into South Carolina. Our destination was Columbia. This would be our stay for the next three days.

The Visit

Columbia is home to Helen’s aunt Simone, cousin Chris, his wife Sandy and their friendly dog Higgins. The thing that we really enjoy is being able to camp just four miles from cousin Chris home and only two miles from Aunt Simone’s assisted living home. We stayed at Sesquicentennial State Park right in a secluded area in the middle of Columbia. I’ll write more about the park later in the blog. Aunt Simone, who is in her nineties is losing a little ground but is still very active for her age. She swims over at Fort Jackson twice a week. Chris, her son, a retired Army veteran, brings her to the full-size Olympic swimming pool for, we are told, five incredible laps! (Three breast strokes and two backstrokes) That pool is very, very long!

Helen, Sandy, Simone and Higgins.jpg

Helen, Sandy, Aunt Simone and Harmony

Olympic Pool At Fort Jackson.jpg

The Olympic Pool at Ft Jackson

Clemson University Forest

In the late afternoon, over at Chris’s and Sandy’s home, they have a routine of going for a lovely walk on the Clemson’s University Forest (experiment grounds). This area is wooded, fields and a pond with many walking trails. It is something that we always look forward to on our visits to Columbia. On this particular walk, Chris brought his kite along. He is an avid kite flyer and this kite is no paper bag and newspaper type. He explained the aerodynamics and how to easily change them according to the wind conditions. He had it up flying in no time using, what he calls his fishing method of pulling and releasing as the kite climbed higher and higher into the blue sky. He has an Eagle feather attached by a swivel which tells him the amount of the wind at altitude. (The faster it spins the more wind). He had me flying in no time and with very little wind according to the feather.

Our visit with the aunt and cousins ended that evening. Chris had a commitment out of town in Asheville, Sandy was working at the school, Simone at the assisted living home.

Friday the 21st would be time to explore Fort Jackson. It is the largest basic training facility in the United States! With four museums on base and miles and miles of land to explore, off we went.

That is what we saw and did!

Chris & Kite.jpg

Chris getting “Airborn”

Chris and the "Kite".jpg

A few minutes later he had me takeover and flying


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