North Bound ~ Day 10

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What’s one more day?

We had so much more to explore in Columbia, if we left today we would have to find a place to stay Saturday night and than we wanted to attend church. If we could extend another day, traffic would be lighter around Charlotte, we could go to church here in Columbia and we could hit a few more attractions. First was to wait for the campground office to open at 9 am. The website and phone give you a message that the office will open at 11 am. I had seen the little cardboard clock pointing to 9 am and I was betting on that. We were there early and decided to check out the lake a little closer. The sun shining made the temperature already close to 69 degrees. I spot a couple of fisherman on the west-end towards the outlet. The concrete sidewalk was just calling us in that direction. I ask, “Any luck fishing”? One answered no we just got here. The other said we just spotted a snake swimming over by the bridge. I answered back, “I wasn’t planning on going swimming”! Just then a female jogger came by and I asked if this trail went around the lake. She answered, Yes, about two miles around. Helen and I looked at each other and decided for a two-mile walk in the park. Tall pine trees filled the forest and with the sunlight beaming between the Giants, it was the morning “golden hour”. I had no camera other than the I phone. It was a very pleasant walk. Oh, we did extend for another day.

Sesquicentennial Site.jpg

Our Site at Sesquicentennial State Park

Fort Jackson was our exploration next. We checked the Base Exchange, the commissary and the actual layout of the Fort, which was very large. Ironically, there are no WiFi hotspots that I know of on the base. Not at even at Burger King. I can only imagine that they don’t want the “Basic Trainees” online.

The one place that we enjoyed visiting was the indoor Olympic swimming pool. This is an official Olympic size pool. The reason we were excited about the pool was that Helen’s 92-year-old Aunt Simone swims here twice weekly as I have mentioned in a previous blog. She does five full laps. Three breaststrokes, and two backstrokes, unbelievable! This is even more remarkable that she only started swimming at around 62 years of age!

Later in the afternoon we really needed a fix of WiFi! I knew of a Burger King restaurant close to the campground. I drove into the parking lot and was able to park very near to the center of the building. Excellent WiFi and we didn’t even have to get out of our comfortable seats in the truck. This worked fine for a while. The heat of the day got to us. We moved inside. Helen grabbed a booth way in the corner. I got a drink and headed in her direction. A couple, who setting close to the fountain drink machine, made eye contact with me as I walk by. A few minutes later, he was at our table and said he admired my front hitch bike rack. We started talking about 5th wheel RV living. I offered him a seat, he said, “just a minute, I’ll get my wife, she had walked out before our conversation started. We talked for 1-1/2 hours! They owned a 5th wheel RV, but have had little time to use it, at least until now when both of them retired. They are planning on downsizing, selling their home and traveling full time. It isn’t like they have never traveled. He was an engineer working on nuclear power plants all over the world. She was a pharmacist and what an interesting conversation about their personal history. She came from Cuba, he from Columbia, their daughter teaches English in China. A great couple to meet and chat with. I’m sure our paths will cross again.

We never did get our WiFi fix on this day, but our chance encounter with Jamie and Bee was well worth the afternoon time spent with them!

That is what we saw and did

Sequi... Lake Walking Path.jpg

Sessquicentennial SP walking path

Sequi... SP Columbia, SC.jpg

Early morning walk around the lake!


One thought on “North Bound ~ Day 10

  1. Jaime A. Zuloaga Jr.

    Both Bea and I had a great time when we met at BK, we feel very fortunate to have made your acquaintance and look forward to meeting you both on the road sometime in the near future.
    Although our meeting was by chance, it was a very positive and engaging discussion. Thanks for hooking us up with your blog, we will be following your travels as we initiate ours later this year. Safe travels and happy trails. Best regards, Jaime and Bea Zuloaga, Columbia, SC.


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