Back in the Good Old USA!


After publishing yesterday’s blog at McDonald we drove down to Pembroke downtown center and did a recon. Not a bad town! Plenty of flower boxes, several war memorials and most noticeably a lot of young people out and about enjoying a warm evening. Live music playing in one of the many restaurants with tables on the front sidewalk. It was really a cool place to walk around in. The teenagers or maybe young adults driving around in old restored trucks and cars. It was sort of neat to see that this still existed in small town. Pembroke, if I recall has a population of 16,000.

Fresco in Pembroke.jpg

Fresco in Pembroke

The ride to the Irving’s Truck Stop was about three miles on the outskirts. The big trucks were already filling up the rear parking lot. I was able to get a parking spot next to the restaurant. Naturally, the big trucks ran their engines at night, but that was not a problem because they idle at a low steady drone, actually lulling us to sleep. The disturbance was around 4:30 when the milk delivery truck backed up to the restaurant dock. The refrigerator compressor ran loud and at different pitch levels. Well, all in all it wasn’t a bad night. Helen made breakfast and as usual it hit the spot. We were on our way shortly after.

Flowers in Pembroke.jpg

Flowers in Pembroke

CFB Petawawa

Canadian Force Base (CFB) Petawawa was just up the road maybe 15 miles. It would be my last chance to stop and visit the Canadian Army base. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I gambled and took the right gate into the base. It was early and not much activity, but we did manage to get a feel for the training base. As for the campground, we didn’t make it, but we could see that it was a beautiful water front location. Our aim was to be back in the US by nightfall.

Ontario's Rocks!.jpg

Ontario’s Rocks!

Sault Ste Marie

The terrain from Pembroke changed from farm fields to rocky jagged outcrops. One minute the road has been cut through ledges and next filled with ponds fifty feet below. I could see that the landscape didn’t have much soil covering the rock sub straight. I can imagine how yesterday’s engineers must have been scratching their heads on how to build a highway in this beautiful, strange land.

The Imperial Gallon!

It takes 0.264 gallons for 1 liter. One liter cost (on average) $1.129 x 3.785 = $4.27 per US gallon equivalent! In simple terms in the USA, I can fillip for around $65.00. In Canada it came out to around $103.00. It cost a lot more to cruise in the Provinces!

The Trans Canada Highway

Most of this trans-continental highway is one lane coming and going. Every few kilometers they have an extra lane for traffic to pass. This is ok, but traffic can back up quickly in back of a slower moving vehicle. The next thing you know some impatient fool passes 10 or more cars on a double yellow line. Scary! The only visible law enforcement seems to be in small towns along the highway. There are signs that indicate aerial surveillance, but we didn’t spot one aircraft all day.

Diverse Terrain.jpg

Diverse terrain

Michigan ~ Brimley State Park

The border crossing went smoothly, probably 10 minutes wait for our turn. On the other hand, going into Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, CA the cars were backed up at least a mile over the International Bridge.

A quick bite to eat Arby’s and a short drive over to Brimley State Park was next. The sign said, “Full Camp.” I talked to the young lady and said, “ We’ve been driving all day” ‘any chance I could even dry camp’? She checked and we got full hookups from someone who had to leave. My luck for not getting reservations ahead was still holding out. Brimley is a large campground on Lake Superior with 237 sites! We were happy campers with good hot showers that night!

Brimley Selffy.jpg

Brimley Selfie

That is what we saw and did!

(July 22, 2017 ~ Brimley, MI)

Pembroke Archetecture.jpg

Pembroke Archetecture


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