Gladstone, MI

“Slow Down Sally”

From Brimley SP, our travels carried us on the western side of Lake Michigan, UP. Our advance to the west was going way too fast. Sally, our Key West buddy, would give me hell if I were traveling four to five hundred miles a day! With this in mind, the first part of the morning was in the country with little to see, as far as scenery or even civilization. Late morning hunger set in and a restaurant with a full parking lot made me put on the directional for a stop.

Three Seasons Cafe.JPG

Happy camper after lunch

We were in a town called Manistique, MI, on shore of the lake. Wow, super food and reasonable prices! After lunch, I asked the owner what is a must see when passing through Manistique? He said, “The light house, and the springs”. The light house was just a couple of miles down the street. A perfect time to walk off the lunch. The light house was way out on a jetty. On shore, a few artist were busy doing their paintings. Some kids were swimming, some others were simply walking the sandy beach. The board walk took us out to the jetty and off we went to the lighthouse. Time there was roughfly 1-1/2 hrs with a short nap back at the camper.



Artist & Lighthouse ~ Manistique, MI.jpg

Artist on the Lighthouse Painting

The Gladstone Overnighter

From Manistique, the question was where to stop for the night. We also were looking for a church for either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Gladstone was the closest Catholic church. About Fifty miles down the road, we pulled into Gladstone, MI. The church was easy to find and we attended mass at 4:30pm. After mass I asked Fr James Ziminski, if we could park overnight in the parking lot. He said, “yes”.

Van Cleve Lighthouse ~ Gladstone, MI.jpg

Van Cleve Park Lighthouse

In late afternoon the sun was shining and we set out to explore the town. Little did we know how nice this place would be. The Van Cleve Park is advertised as the jewel of Gladstone and we both can vouch for that! From the Marina to the fishing pier to the lighthouse to the stake board park to nearly everything else could want in a community (free) park was here. Even a wedding was taking place! Cruising around, we spotted an RV campground in the same park area. We stopped in, but no vacancies, that was ok because we would be in a church parking lot in a quiet residential neighborhood. “Life is Good” isn’t it “Norm”?

That is what we saw and did! 

July 22, 2017 Gladstone, MI

PS: For those of you that are interested in my “WiFi” antenna and repeater. We are in a campground in Wisconsin and we are catching the wifi and repeating it superbly! Happy Camper!!


Manistique Lighthouse.jpg

Closer Look at Manistique Point Lighthouse

Van Cleve Park Lighthouse copy.JPG

It was a Two Lighthouse Day! ~ Gladstone, MI


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