The Australian Connection

Very excited about today’s “Adventure”! Let me start at the beginning and progress. Wake-up this morning was normal and uneventful. Breakfast with eggs and some home made dark rye toast, from the 3 Seasons Cafe was my perfect way to start. Helen gets another thumbs up!

Pulling out of Gladstone around 7:30am onto M41 (State route) south was very quiet. After all it was Sunday morning and most people are sleeping in. Our goal was to make it to Wisconsin with no plan in mind. Helen said, “We should try and contact George Tippler”. George was a friend and fellow traveller that we met on our 2005 Australian and New Zealand tour. We had been in contact through the years off and on and George had been up to New Hampshire a few years ago for a visit. I should mention that George’s wife, Carol, passed away about a year after the Australian/New Zealand Adventure tour. He has since remarried to a lovely lady named Beverly. So a text or two later, we were on our way to his farm, just north of Oshkosh, WI. Thank God for the GPS as Wisconsin is divided into large squares with letters of the alphabet for names.We had lunch before arriving to their farm.

Beverly & George.jpg

Beverly & George

George is a farmer and an insurance agent. Now I must say, the farming that he does is on a larger scale then I could imagine. He has a beautiful farm. This year he has planted corn. This is cow corn and he really educated both of us on corn. Did you know that every kernel of corn has one silk and the end of the ear. When the top of the corn drops onto the silk the kernel starts to grow. Man, I may not have this all right, but its pretty neat to have George explain it. Now as for equipment, wow, there are some big machines in his barn and tractor shop.

Corn Silk.jpg

Each silk is attached to one kernel. Each stalk only has one ear of corn

Beverly, a retired kindergarten school teacher is a very nice lady. We had a pleasant afternoon chatting with her and George. I can’t say enough of how we enjoyed our visit with them.

Knee High by 4th of July.jpg

George said, “corn on 4th of July should be knee high”  On July 23rd its 7 to 8 feet tall!

Little Red Wagon.jpg

Little Red Wagon for corn harvesting!

The Harvester.jpg

The 12 row Harvester

Inside Corn Bin.jpg

Inside a corn bin

From there we had no travel direction plan except that we would head a little south and a lot to the west. George gave us a hint that La Cross might be a scenic place to visit especially on the cliff or bluffs.

Tonight, we are at St Joseph Campground somewhere about 60 miles from La Cross, Wisconsin. My WiFi extender antenna and the ALFA repeater are working so good in this campground.

We are both tired and will sleep soundly! The Adventure continues tomorrow!

That is what we saw and did!

July 23, 2017 ~ Necedah, WI