Iowa and I Thought Wisconsin had Corn!

Corn, Corn and more Corn

Wow, rolling hills with endless corn fields. When the big planting machines plant corn everything is measured from inches between seeds to space between rows. Now driving down the highway these rows appear like someone took a comb and perfectly separated them. We both tried to take pictures of this when moving down the highway at 60 mph, but we just can’t seem to duplicate what our eyes see.

This morning I got up and being in Iowa I was determine to have corn flakes and a muffin for breakfast. Yup, it hit the spot! We packed up the camper and drove to the new shower room in the lower campground. To our surprise the water had come up another two feet. Last night we walked down there and this morning that walkway was flooded. I took a few shots with the iPhone after showering.

If I Drank ~ Amana Villages.JPG

If I was a drinking man Amana Villages


Our goal today was to go to the Amana Villages to see old German settlements. Well, the villages are very neat and pretty with flowers, but nothing more than modern gift shops. The girl at the coffee shop said that their wasn’t one original settler family left in the area. We walk a little and headed West on I-80 toward the Nebraska border. Oh, on the way down to the Amana Villages, in Cedar Rapids to be exact, we both smelled a pleasant aroma. A short distance up the road we spotted General Mills Plant, yes, they were roasting “Corn Flakes”!

Geese & Flood.JPG

The Geese are on my site!

Iowa County Campgrounds Rocks

Iowa is a long state and as the day progressed the temperature climbed and so did the humidity. Thank God for the A/C in the truck. The UV index, we were toll on the radio reached 107. Come 4 o’clock it was time to find a campground for the night. I use Allstays app on my phone. Its the best app I have and very accurate. We are at Arrow Head County Park (exit 23) on I-80 near Council Bluffs, IW. Full hookups, free powerful WiFi and showers. Iowa does it best! Even their rest area have excellent WiFi. My kind of State!

That is what we saw and did

July 25, 2017 ~~ 268 miles covered