Bonneville Speedway

Leaving the Salt Lake City area and traveling West on I-80W, we were watching for the Bonneville Speedway on the right. Little did we realize that this would be nearly a hundred miles down the road. The Speedway is located in the “Great Salt Lake Desert” which is covers hundreds of square miles. On the other side of I-80 is the Dugway Proving Grounds. This is the place that they test vehicles.

Salt from Salt Lake.jpg

Salt from Salt Lake

Bonneville Slat Flats

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been waiting or should I say wanting to visit Bonneville Speedway. Craig Breedlove broke the 400, 500 and 600 mile per hour world land speed record. That was 52 years ago. Well this waiting and wanting have been fulfilled! The side road was just a few miles off the I-80 and the pavement ends with signs that proclaim “Welcome To The Bonneville Salt Flats”. Driving onto the salt for a short distance another sign read, “Rocket Launch in Progress”. Follow the markers to the site. This was out approximately ten miles, we did not do that! Just being on the salt was fulfilling enough for me.

Rocket Launch Salt Lake.JPG

So Bright on the Salt Lake!

Rocket Launch 2.jpeg

That way to the Rocket Launch!

South Fork ~ SRA (State Reservation Area)

On to Nevada just a short ride down the road. (100 miles) I have to recall what happened at the Utah/Nevada border. So we’re driving for a long time in the deserted desert. The last town in Utah is Wendover UT, a place to gas up and eat lunch. And so we did, a Subway shop and a fill up of gas later, we head up over the hill. Both our phones announce a time change! A 1000 ft later, we are in Nevada in West Wendover, NV and here comes the surprise! From desert to multiple Casinos with glitter every where! We both chuckled how things change in a thousand feet.

Sunset at South Fork Campgroound.jpg

Sunset at South Fork

Sunrise at South Fork Campground.jpg

Sunrise at South Fork

The day was moving on and we needed a place to bed down for the night. A stop a little pass Elko, at a Visitor Center gave us options for a campground. The lady was helpful and directed us the South Fork Campground, a little out of our way (16 miles) on TE-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians, South Fork Band. It sounds a scary, but it is a State run facility. It turn out to be outstanding campground with electric, water and even a concrete pad on our site. With only four campers in the park it was perfect.

After getting setup, a walk to the next site for a visit with our neighbors, was delightful. They were from British Columbia, Canada. This is the same province that our other Canadian friends are from. It truly is a small world that is well-traveled

That is what we saw and did

Aug. 3rd, 2017 ~ Miles travel today 302 miles

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