Amazing Coast with No Time

The Frustration

The last three days have been busy exploring the Pacific Coast! First let me say, we have done so much in the last 72 hours! Before I get into details, let me explain a little about my personal frustration. My blog takes about an hour to recall the days’ events. When we do the adventure thing I’m taking lots of pictures, and some short videos. The blog needs pictures to tell the story. Then there’s the  time to download the photos from my iPhone, Helen’s iPhone, my Nikon, this is time consuming, but I can deal with that. What fries me is the poor WiFi at campgrounds and wherever I can get it. I can’t upload the photos into the blog until I’m online. Now this may seem like a minor problem, but what happens when you’re doing many things everyday. After three days, I have to start thinking what and where things happened. Its rough being on a travel adventurer! Enough of me crying! 

Pacific Ocean

The first thing we did heading north on rte101 was to drive down to the beach and physically touch the Pacific! That was short and sweet.

The Elks on the Beach

Helen, was reading about Elk down on Gold Bluff Beach State Park. Ok, I started to that destination, about 5 miles off the main highway. It wasn’t long before the paved road turned to gravel and from two lanes to one. A sign said drive with your headlights on. What really was a little different were the redwood trees, very close to the edge of the road. These trees were big, but not the giant ones we would see later. I wasn’t going faster than 10 miles per hour. The forest was so tall on each side of the road that sunlight couldn’t filter through. My GPS couldn’t read the satellites, with all of this going on, the forest was covered with dust from the gravel road. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that all trailers, 5th wheels and anything over 24 feet long were banned on this road. They would not be able to negotiate the tight turns around the trees, that made you make nearly a square corner. Helen was getting a second thought on going to see the Elks on the beach.


Finally, we got to the ticket booth, yes, this was both a State Park and a National Park, which meant that our senior pass was valid! Another couple of miles, several cars were parked at a campground, but the Elk beach was even further down the dirt road. Now comes the part where I had to cross a creek, Helen was now really wide eyed! Ah, the end of the road finally, well, now it was time for a hike! We weren’t alone. A dozen people or so were coming and going. A short hike later, a fork in the trail, most people were going to the left. Following the leader, this trail, followed a small stream with two vertical, vegetated walls. It was awesome, but it was getting wetter and wetter, with more obstacles and large downed trees to straddle over. Ok,  we both agreed to save the Elk viewing for the Zoo.

The day wasn’t over and I’ll continue on the next blog!

That is what we saw and did!

Aug 6, 2017 ~ 151 miles traveled