Pacific Coast Highway ~ Rte 101

Last night, the journey came to a starting point. What I mean is, we have reached the Pacific Ocean and our journey will now head North from McKinleyville, CA to the State of Washington. This was our plan from the get-go!

Our campground in McKinleyville, Widow White Creek was full, but we managed to get a site with water and no electric. My battery bank did the trick on that end.

Whiskeytown Shasta-Trinity NRA

Little did we know that the campground was less than a mile from the ocean! I guess, we were tired from the day’s adventure! Let me backup a little and tell you about this day. Leaving Redding, California, to our naivety, our first discovery was Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. A stop at the Visitor Center gave us info on what to see and do in the area. The Park Ranger said that we should take a small hike to view one of the waterfalls. Crystal Springs was the one selected. It was four miles off the main road. The time of day was around 10:30am and the temperature rising into the mid 80’s. With that in mind, we soon were hiking on a shade covered, paved path. The black berries were ripe and Helen enjoyed nature’s treats! In about a 1/2 mile, the waterfall came into view. The crystal clear water pooled at the bottom following its cascade down from a two to three hundred foot elevation. It wasn’t a one fall drop, but several smaller drops much like a bridal vail that is associated with water falls.

Helen's 1st toe dip in Pacific.JPG

She said it was Cold!

Route 299 and the Salmon Mountains

Our route from here to the Coast took us through the Salmon Mountains. Again, I must say I didn’t think this part of the road would be so scenic. If you like climbing mountains and driving down into forested canyons this is a perfect road. Some spots on the road had a 1,000 foot drop offs. Scary, no, scenic yes! It was a 151 miles of thrills!

Finally driving into McKinleyville, CA, I used my Allstays app, on my iPhone to find a campground. This brought us to the beginning of our “Pacific Coast Highway ~ rte101 Adventure”.

That is what we saw and did!

Aug 6th, 2017 ~ 151 miles on this day